A Belated Love Story: Spoilers Below

The first time I saw Doctor Who…I hated it. Yeah. You read that right. Wanted nothing to do with it. Although my memories of that first time are hazy, I believe the episode I was watching was #187, “Utopia.” That’s the episode where the Tenth Doctor runs into his arch nemesis, The Master. I didn’t like any of it. Thought it was dumb. Hated Jack Harkness.

It happened slowly over time. A little bit here. A little bit there. And then I got Netflix…I started watching Chris Eccleston as the Doctor. Fell in love. Rose Tyler was fantastic. The two of them together were brilliant. Jack Harkness came into play. How could I have hated him before. He was…I have to say it…delicious.

David Tennant stepped in. Surely no one could replace Chris Eccleston. But Tennant had me at “It…is…protected.” Fell in love. Again. And this time, I found I was a “Tenth Doctor” kind of girl. Cracked.com recently published an article about insane fan boys becoming involved in their obsessions. There, they discuss how David Tennant’s craze for the Fourth Doctor and his amazing scarf inspired him to be the actor who would one day become THE TENTH DOCTOR!!! He introduced us to the weeping angels (the episode that finally made me put Doctor Who in my Netflix queue). He defeated The Master. I wept like a baby when Rose (SPOILERS) got trapped in another dimension. I laughed like an idiot when he and Donna saw each other for the first (second) time in the Adipose office. And with him, we met….River Song. *Squee* I cried when he regenerated into Matt Smith. I didn’t want Matt Smith. Booo to the 11th Doctor.

And then I fell in love with the Eleventh Doctor. Matt Smith’s brilliance is that he so easily shifts between the young, manic madman in a box and the old, old world-weary man. Yes, Doctor, fezes are cool, and so are bow ties. Also, Neil Gaiman wrote “The Doctor’s Wife,” which was a brilliant episode. Love.

I can’t wait for next season to start, and I’m so glad I got into the show. I have to watch it when my husband isn’t home, for he is a “hater,” but I guess it’s fair. I hate Magic: The Gathering. He can hateThe Doctor…

Nevermind. He so can’t.