Malkavian Shindig

I may have gone a bit mad.

Considering I’m playing a Malkavian in my current LARP, I suppose that’s only appropriate.

Last month, my character, Gemma, decided it was time to properly introduce herself to the Kindred of the city with–what else? A rune reading party.

Unfortunately, over the past years I have only bought clothes that were appropriate for two purposes: 1 – Hanging out and 2 – going to work, and often the two overlap. Great, economical plan, but not a great way to costume for a future-reading party.

So, I got to work.

Since I’ve been yarn-crazy lately, the first thing I did was to crochet a dramatic, “fortune-telling” shawl.There’s a picture to the right, but if you like it you can find the pattern on Really simple, and it went together in just a day.

Ok, I had my shawl, but as I walked into the local crafts store to find a clasp for it, something caught my eye: a display of “good luck charms.” And wouldn’t you know, Gemma is nothing if not superstitious. So, I made my first foray into jewelry-making since I realized macrame hemp and chokers weren’t necessarily the best look for a teacher.

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And what isn’t posted here is my “crazy” journal where I log all the thoughts going through my Gemma’s head.

What does this mean? Sure, it’s dedication to a character, but I’m pretty sure it also means that, in addition to my theory that gaming is a throwback to pretend time, it’s also a throwback to dress-up time.

The irony, of course, will be if my STs or fellow players are plotting my death. Disappointing at any time, but especially so when so much prep goes into a game!

So excited to LARP tomorrow…