Dice Worship

In honor of Comic Con, I’ve decided to finish this blog about dice.

All tabletoppers have a special relationship with our dice. It starts with the first time we see any shape other than the standard d6. For me, it was the d4: its equilateral triangles glistening in my husband’s palm.
“How the hell am I supposed to read that thing?” He then showed me a second four sided and instructed me in how to read either.  And how it could be used as a d2 (which I still maintain is nonsense…even when I do it).
My favorite is, predictably, the d20. It’s weight and size are satisfying. Landing on a 1 is as gut-wrenching as a 20 is gratifying.
Buying dice is a personal thing. Ever had someone buy you dice as a present? It kind of sucks. Even if the person knows you very well…even if they picked out exactly what you would have chosen…they still robbed you of the experience. There’s always that level of doubt: “What if there was a set I would have liked better?”
Picking out dice is almost spiritual. Of course your favorite colors catch your eye first, but there are other factors to consider. Are the numbers easily readable? Do they feel right? Will these dice decide, in a moment of desperation, to save my life, or throw me to a dragon? Will they cooperate with other dice in my bag? Will they conspire to botch at a crucial moment? Are they destined to be my lucky set, or my I’m feeling lucky set? You have to hold prospective dice in your hand ( if the guy behind the counter is too busy leafing through the latest Walking Dead trade) and weigh the possibilities. You pay the exorbitant amount (ok, they’re not all expensive, but the ones I pick out are always the ones that cost twice what all the normal ones cost).

I knitted this in honor of my dice!

I currently own several sets of dice. Different dice for different games. My silver-blue ten-sided set for Hunter. My purple blue marbled for D&D. My “Griffindor” gold and red dappled are for when I play a superhero. And, of course, that’s all fluid, because there’s something else we gamers do with our dice.

We begin a game, but before we start, we dig out a set and give it a trial roll. Low numbers come up? Pick a different set. Once the game starts, if our luck turns, we change out our dice. Don’t question the logic. Luck isn’t logic. Dice believe in Karma and Fate, even if the player doesn’t.

I have a friend I play with who, when I’m down on my dice-chuckin’ luck, has a ritual for “zeroing out” the dice. God help me, it works.

We’re all superstitious about our dice. I’ve played with other people’s when I’ve forgotten mine at home or a random game breaks out…and it’s never the same. If I’m having a bad game, I’ve CLEARLY angered my dice.

And with the leftover yarn…Ta Dah! My new dice Bag!

So, as the weekend begins, and we get ready to play in or run our favorite games (I’ve coined a phrase today – the “geekend”), take a minute to thank your dice or the dice gods. Hopefully, the odds will be in your favor.